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Saturday, 28 February 2015
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  Wellingborough Diggers Festival Museum Display opens (ext event)
Saturday 28th February 2015 for one week: Display about the Diggers (Fringe - Free admission) Venue: Wellingborough Museum, Castle Way, NN8 1XB. Open 10am-4:30pm Wellingborough Museum: http://www.wellingboroughmuseum.co.uk/ Diggers Festival 2015: http://www.diggersfestival.org.uk/programme2015

13:00 [13:00] Daffodils launch Healthy Air Manifesto for Leicester (ext event)
Launch of Healthy Air Manifesto for Leicester "Air pollution contributes to respiratory illnesses, heart disease and cancer. It causes an estimated 250 premature deaths per year in Leicester. Recent research has also linked it to Alzheimer’s disease. We want to live in a city where the air is clean and does not damage anyone’s health. Reducing the overall level of motor traffic and encouraging active travel would tackle air pollution, reduce climate change emissions and create a renewed sense of community. "Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire (HALL) is an alliance of campaigning groups that includes Leicester Friends of the Earth, Leicester Cycling Campaign Group and Leicester Campaign for Better Transport. "We have put together a list of policies that we want the City Council to adopt: a Manifesto for Healthy Air. We will launch it at 1pm on Saturday 28th February by laying 250 flowers in Orton Square, for the 250 people who died prematurely as a result of air pollution last year. "The 'Sing to Breathe Easy' choir, many of whom are affected by air pollution every day, will sing while we lay the flowers. "Come and join us and demonstrate that you want to live in a city where the air is clean." Further information: Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire (HALL): http://healthyairleics.weebly.com/ Leicester Mercury story: http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/Campaigners-clean-city-air/story-26083756-detail/story.html

14:00 [14:00] Public Briefing: Hundreds of Leicester hospital beds cut (non-LSS)
"The biggest change to your NHS that you have probably never heard of" Public meeting organised by the Campaign against NHS Privatization (CANP) "The biggest change to your NHS that you have probably never heard of" Saturday 28th February, 2-4 pm Adult Education Centre, Belvoir Street corner with Wellington Street. Another major reorganisation of the local NHS called 'Better Care Together' (BCT) is being planned. A speaker from the BCT Programme team has been invited; CANP will give its critique. Flyer: https://campaignagainstnhsprivatization.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/canppublicmeeting28febleaflet.pdf Web: http://campaignagainstnhsprivatization.org.uk/ Twitter: @CANP_Leicester (https://twitter.com/CANP_Leicester) Newsletter: http://campaignagainstnhsprivatization.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/canpcharterapril13portrait.pdf Street Theatre: http://m.leicestermercury.co.uk/Street-theatre-privatisation-NHS-draws-crowds/story-26062816-detail/story.html


In the interest of freethought and free speech we also list other selected events of interest - no endorsement or responsibility is implied. Always check details with the organisers.

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