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Saturday, 9 March 2019
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  80th anniversary of last transport to leave Prague (for info)
See German Expressionist Margarete Klopfleisch (1911-1982) https://lgrossner.wixsite.com/3generations/margarete-klopfleisch https://www.rs21.org.uk/2017/09/08/the-remarkable-story-of-margarete-klopfleisch/ http://leicestersecularsociety.org.uk/calendar/view_entry.php?id=2212 https://youtu.be/wgIO5xIFR88

12:00 [12:00] Diggers Commemoration Event (ext event)
"Due to a number of reasons the Diggers Festival will no longer run. "However, instead of a weekend festival, a commemoration event will continue to take place for future years in March, where the information board has been erected, near Bareshanks*. "This will include readings and the laying of flowers. The display in Wellingborough Museum will also continue." This year (2019) the Diggers' Commemoration Event will commence at 12 noon on Saturday 9th March. There will be readings and the laying of roses. The access road off Sywell Road, Appleby Lodge Way, Wellingborough is now open and the commemoration board is a little way down the road on the left. For those that wish, it has been suggested that we may meet in town afterwards for a coffee/snack. -- * A little more about the Wellingborough Diggers from http://www.diggersfestival.org.uk: Wellingborough has a long tradition of radicalism and socialism, perhaps best embodied by Gerrard Winstanley and the Wellingborough Diggers - a collection of people who, hungry and oppressed by rich landowners, "took land unto themselves in the name of sustaining life, not as a means of power or authority to deprive others." The Wellingborough Diggers' Festival was established to commemorate The Diggers' and specifically nine men from Wellingborough. The first festival began during March 2011 and has established into a community festival with fringe events. A Declaration dated 12th March 1649 (1650) identifies the men who followed Winstanley's beliefs and briefly occupied the field known as Bareshanks, off Hardwick Road, Wellingborough to plough and sow seeds for the community. This declaration emphasised the commonness of poverty in the local area at the time. Unfortunately, Bareshanks was used for only a short period of time before the Justice of the Peace for Northampton, Thomas Pentlow put into force laws that were opposed to individuals intruding on other men's properties. "Four of the Diggers [being] arrested; the remainder were dispersed with force" (Northampton County Magazine 1932). The nine men from Wellingborough were: Richard Smith, John Avery, Thomas Fardin, Richard Pendred, James Pitman, Roger Tuis, Joseph Hichcock, John Pye and Edward Turner. Pic: http://www.winvic.co.uk/winvic-build-first-unit-and-community-links-at-appleby-lodge/

14:00 [14:30] Film: Bhopali (ext event)
A screening of Max Carlson's film BHOPALI "More than 30 years after the world’s worst industrial accident, the gas leak in Bhopal in 1984, people are still suffering affects of gas poisoning and water contamination. "So far no action through the courts has achieved justice for those affected in Bhopal, nor any clean up of the site. "Restorative justice offers another route to change. It invites all those concerned to come together to resolve wrongs and so deal with the aftermath and its implications for the future. "All are welcome to see the film and find out how to help." Trailer: https://youtu.be/ttD-1oT9M7M


In the interest of freethought and free speech we also list other selected events of interest - no endorsement or responsibility is implied. Always check details with the organisers.

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