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Thursday, 25 June 2020
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18:00 [18:00] CANCELLED: Dr Gang Xu: Community Kidney Care (ext event)
Message from Leicester's Hospitals: "Happy New Year from Leicester's Hospitals" We wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year. We are delighted to share with you the Marvellous Medicine calendar for the first half of 2020. We do hope you will be able to join us for one of these fascinating clinician-led talks. Please see our online calendar for further details: https://www.leicestershospitals.nhs.uk/aboutus/our-news/marvellous-medicine/ Calendar 2020 January 2020 Title: Congenital heart problems; not as rare as you think, and they matter Date: Thursday 23 January – 6pm to 7:30pm Speaker: Dr Frances Bu'Lock, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist Venue: Lecture Theatre, Clinical Education Centre, Leicester General Hospital February 2020 Title: Living with Fibroids Date: Thursday 20 February – 6pm to 7:30pm Speaker: Dr Neelam Potdar, Consultant Gynaecologist & Subspecialist Reproductive Medicine Venue: Lecture Theatre, Clinical Education Centre, Leicester General Hospital March 2020 Title: Getting Fit for Surgery Date: Thursday 26 March – 6pm to 7:30pm Speaker: Dr Andrew Packham, Consultant Anaesthetist Venue: Lecture Theatre, Clinical Education Centre, Leicester General Hospital April 2020 Title: Moving and Shaking: Understanding Parkinson’s Disease Date: Thursday 9 April – 6pm to 7:30pm Speaker: Dr Victoria Haunton, Consultant/Honorary Senior Lecturer Geriatric Medicine Venue: Lecture Theatre, Clinical Education Centre, Leicester General Hospital May 2020 Title: Children's Asthma Date: Thursday 28 May – 6pm to 7:30pm Speaker: Dr Erol Gaillard, Associate Professor in Child Health and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Venue: Lecture Theatre, Clinical Education Centre, Leicester General Hospital June 2020 Title: Helping people to look after their kidneys in the community Date: Thursday 25 June – 6pm to 7:30pm Speaker: Dr Gang Xu, Consultant Nephrologist Venue: Lecture Theatre, Clinical Education Centre, Leicester General Hospital

19:00 [19:30] LRWT: Farming & Wildlife with Julia Hawley
Public Zoom event Hosted by Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust (Oadby + Wigston Local Group). Julia Hawley will be giving an illustrated talk about her wildlife friendly farming work supported by the Stewardship Scheme on her family farm at Brentingby near Melton Mowbray. See https://www.lrwt.org.uk/events/2020-09-25-local-group-online-talk-farming-wildlife-julia-hawley for details and to register to participate.

[19:30] Launch of Alliance of European Republican Movements 1 (ext online event)
AERM LIVE is a new four-part series of live YouTube programmes hosted by the Alliance of European Republican Movements. You can watch the debates live, and ask questions and join the discussion via the comments section on Republic's YouTube and Facebook pages. The programmes will feature discussions on royal powers, constitutions and the democratic alternatives. Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, will be joined by Floris Müller from the Netherlands and Olle Nykvist from Sweden. During the live programmes we will answer comments and questions from our audience. The programmes will also be recorded and made available on YouTube. You'll be able to find the live programme at http://youtube.com/c/RepublicCampaign or http://republic.org.uk/RepublicCampaign. Here's what's coming up! AERM Live season 1 features a discussion between leading members of the British, Dutch and Swedish republican movements. All three are members of the Alliance of European Republican Movements. 1) Power and influence Thursday June 25 from 7:30pm UK / 8:30pm Europe Republicans from the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK discuss the powers and influence of their respective monarchies and others in Europe. What are their constitutional powers, can they influence governments behind closed doors? Or are the royal households completely powerless? This programme will include a look at informal power and the influence of people like Prince Charles and the King of Sweden on national debates and public policy. 2) The cost of royalty Thursday July 23 from 7:30pm UK / 8:30pm Europe What do they cost taxpayers and do they make money for their countries? Dutch, Swedish and British republicans take a look at the millions of euros, crowns and pounds spent by European royals and question the claims that they're good for tourism and trade. 3) A bicycling monarchy? Thursday August 20 from 7:30pm UK / 8:30pm Europe Should republicans demand abolition or would a slimmed down monarchy be acceptable? Or is there a danger of a 'Swedish trap' where the worst parts of the monarchy are removed, making it harder for republicans to argue against them? 4) The next Dutch republic Thursday September 24 from 7:30pm UK / 8:30pm Europe British, Dutch and Swedish republicans discuss the democratic alternatives to monarchy. Do republicans prefer a French-style system, an Irish model or something more like the US, or even Switzerland? This is an exciting new project for Republic and the AERM. Remember you can get involved in the debates.

In the interest of freethought and free speech we also list other selected events of interest - no endorsement or responsibility is implied. Always check details with the organisers.

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