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Sending Leicester's Message to the Climate Talks (ext event)

Description: Join Friends of the Earth to

"Send Leicester's Message to the Climate Talks"

As you probably know, the 2018 UN climate talks (COP24) are taking place in Poland in December. Countries will come together to review their commitments to reduce carbon emissions in line with the Paris agreement. Climate scientists announced recently that we have just 12 years left to take radical action to avoid catastrophic climate change. If we don't, children alive today will live to see human extinction events. That is unthinkable.

We need to keep reminding the politicians attending the talks that we want them to take action. We do not want to leave an uninhabitable planet to our children.

Leicester Friends of the Earth have decided to send a message to the talks. We will gather in Jubilee Square at noon on Sunday 2nd December and form the number 12 out of people. A photographer will then take an aerial photo of this from the Big Wheel that will be in Jubilee Square and we will send the photo to the negotiators going to the talks, as our message from Leicester.

Please come if you can. We've created a Facebook event to share, if you use social media: https://www.facebook.com/events/725125004515536/

And for anyone struggling with climate science recently, here's a quote from Rebecca Solnit:

“Hope...is an axe you break down doors with in an emergency. Hope should shove you out the door, because it will take everything you have to steer the future away from endless war, from the annihilation of the earth's treasures and the grinding down of the poor and marginal. Hope just means another world is possible, not promised, not guaranteed. Hope calls for action; action is impossible without hope...To hope is to give yourself the future."

COP24: http://cop24.gov.pl/
Leicester FoE (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/LeicFoE/
Rebecca Solnit: http://rebeccasolnit.net/
FoE on Climate Change: https://friendsoftheearth.uk/climate-change

Location: Jubilee Square, Leicester
Date: Sunday, 2 December 2018
Time: 12:00 GMT
Access: Public
Category: (i) External event of interest*
Created by: Public Access ( by LSS editor )
Updated: Tuesday, 6 November 2018 20:54 GMT
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