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1B - A First History of Greece
1B - The Stuart Period (1894)
1C - The Great Man-Made River Project (in Libya) - English/French/Arabic
1C - The Freethinker 5 VOLS (1959 - 1963)
1D - VES: The Last Right (Voluntary Euthanasia Society) 16pp x4
1E - Various other leaflets (AIDS, Birmingham Six, Salman Rushdie etc)
2B - Apocrypha (1894 revised version, reprint 1942)
2B - The Apocryphal New Testament (William Hone 1820)
2B - The Apocrypha: Authorised Version (Oxford UP ND)
2B - Holy Bible (1884 revised version)
2B - The New English Bible with Apocrypha (1970)
2C - Christianity and the Social Revolution; ed John Lewis et al.
2C - The Vatican Riches (NSS 1965 from Economist) 8pp
2C - *NCCL: Religion and the Law (National Council for Civil Liberties + NSS ND) 4pp x2
2C - Papal Visit Resurrects Ireland's Knock Legend (no date) 4pp (x4)
2C - RPA: Business is Business (RPA Tracts for the Million #1, ND) 4pp
2C - RPA: Are You a Christian? (RPA Tracts for the Million #2, ND) 4pp
2D - The Religion of a Layman (1907)
2D - *What is the Catholic Church? (NSS no date) 4pp (x2)
2D - Rationalist Annual (1947) and (1949)
2E - BHA: Wider Horizons: Suggestions for Modern Assemblies (BHA ND) 28pp
2E - Refugees or Hostages of Turkey's Tyrrany: UNHCR to close Atrush camp (about Kurdistan 1997) 36pp
2E - Rock Bottom: A Private Eye Report (on the Gibraltar Killings, Feb 1989) 8pp
2E - *UN Association, Universal Declaration of Human Rights: 30th anniversary (1978) 2pp x2
2E - *Freethought History #18 (1996), ed Fred Whitehead, The British Scene: Yesterday and Today, Part 1 12pp x2
2E - *Freethought History #19 (1996), ed Fred Whitehead, The British Scene: Yesterday and Today, Part 2 12pp x2
2E - *New Humanist vol.101 no.4, International Humanist Congress at Oslo etc (RPA 1986) 40pp x2
2E - *The Freethinker vol.1 no.1 (1881, reprint G. W. Foote Co 1981) 2pp x2
3A - HCIMA Students of Henley College of FE Coventry, Historic Inns and Pubs (1982)
3B - Fifteen Craftsmen on their Crafts
3B - Anarchist Year Book 1999 (Phoenix Press 1999) 36pp x3
3B - T. P. S. Bulletin, 3(1) 1996, 3(3) 1997; 4(1) 1998, 4(2) 1999.
3B - Thomas Paine Society Echo, No.1 1999.
3B - Anarchy vol 7 1967, vol 8, 1968, vol 10 1970
3B - T.P.S. Bulletin vol.5 No.3 (1976)
3B - *Disarmament: The UN Third Special Session (1988) 4pp x2
3B - *NUJ: Defend Free Speech and the Right to Know (1988) 1p x2
3B - Do Or Die Voices from the Ecological Resistance, issue 10 (Do Or Die 2003)
3B - The Unveiling of the Statue of Thomas Paine (Borough of Thetford 1964) 4pp x2
3B - Cooperative College Papers No.6; articles on Robert Owen and William King (1959)
3C - What I Believe: By 14 Modern Thinkers (1937)
3C - Rationalism and Humanism in the New Europe (1973)
3C - J. M. Robertson 1856-1933 (1987)
3C - *Non-Religious Funeral Ceremonies (1979, from Freethinker) 2pp x2
3C - NSS, Centenary Brochure (1966)
3C - Ethical record Eighty Years on Record (special issue, South Place Ethical Society 1975)
3D - Letters on the Simple Life
3E - Literary Guide A Rational Approach to the Modern World, vol.71 (Jan, Feb, Aug, Sept, 1956)
3E - The Humanist A Rational Approach to the Modern World, (Oct 1956, Sept, Oct 1957, Jan - Dec 1958, Jan - Aug, Oct - Dec 1959, Jan 1960)
4A - Edinburgh Esperanto Dictionary (Nelson, 1944)
4A - Leicestershire County Cricket Club, Official Year Book (1989)
4A - The Harmsworth Encyclopedia (8 VOLS?)
4A - Anti-Slavery Reporter Ser.7, Vol.13 No.9 (1994)
4A - International Defence and Aid Fund for South Africa, Children under Apartheid (1980)
4A - International Defence and Aid Fund for South Africa, Women under Apartheid (1981)
4B - *Leicester Homeless Primary Healthcare Service, Annual Report (2002/3) x2
4C - 50,000 Outside the Law :- about mental deficiency (no date)
4C - WEA: Educational Principles and Practice (East Midland district ND) 4pp x2
4C - BHA: Education for the Open Society (BHA ND) 24pp
4C - OABITAR: Objective Accuracy and Balance In Teaching About Religion Inc (OABITAR 1993) application form x2
4C - NSS: Say "No" to Denominational Schools, (NSS no date) 1p x2
5A - Hymns of Modern Thought
5A - The Norton Anthology of American Literature; ed Nina Baym (vol.1, W. W. Norton Co, 5th edn 1979)
5A - Various publishers' and booksellers lists


1C - Abrams, Irving S.; Haymarket Heritage: Memoirs, (Charles H. Kerr Co 1989) 68pp
2B - Addis, William E., and Thomas Arnold; A Catholic Dictionary, revised by T. B. Scannell, 9th edn (1916)
1B - Addison, W. G.; J. R. Green (biography of a historian 1946)
5A - Aguilar, Grace; Woman's Friendship (novel, R. E. King n.d) [A. H. Earp 1898]
3A - Ahmad, Qasim; Britain, Franco Spain, and the Cold War 1945-1950 (Garland Publishing 1952)
2A - Ahmed, Merza Ghulam; The Teachings of Islam
3C - Albery, Nicholas, et al; The Natural Death Handbook (Virgin 1993)
3A - Alexander, Bill; British Volunteers for Liberty: Spain 1936-39 (Lawrence and Wishart 1983)
3A - Alexander, Bill; No To Franco: 1939-1975 (Author, 1992)
3B - Alexander, Christopher; see Serge Chermayeff
3A - Allan, Seema Rynin; Comrades and Citizens (1938) about USSR
2A - Allen, Grant; The Evolution of the Idea of God
2A - Alfaric, Prosper; From Jewish Messianism to the Christian Church (pamphlet)
5A - Anstey, F.; Vice Versa: A Lesson to Fathers (novel, rev.edn. Smith Elder & Co 1883)
5A - Aristophanes; ed W. Lucas Collins (W. Blackwood 1872)
3D - Aristotle; Metaphysics, ed John Warrington (1956)
3D - Aristotle; Ethics, tr J. A. K. Thomson (1961)
3D - Aristotle; Categories + De Interpretatione, tr J. L. Ackrill (1963)
2A - Armstrong, Karen; Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet (1995)
5A - Arnold, Matthew; Dramas and Prize-Poems, ed L. Magnus (Routledge ND)
2B - Arnold, Thomas; see Addis.
1C - Atkinson, Conrad; Picturing the System (1981)
5A - Austen, Jane; Sense and Sensibility (novel, John Heywood, ND)
3B - Ayer, A. J.; Thomas Paine
3C - Ayer, A. J., ed; The Humanist Outlook (Pemberton Books 1968) x2
3C - Ayer, A. J.; The Meaning of Life: Conway Memorial Lecture 64 (1988)
3B - Ayer, A. J., et al; Towards an Open Society: Ends and Means in British Politics (Pemberton 1971)
3D - Ayer, A. J.; Russell (1972)


4D - Bacon, J. S. D.; The Science of Heredity (1951)
2A - Baigent, M. with R. Leigh and H. Lincoln; The Messaianic Legacy
2A - Baigent, M. with R. Leigh and H. Lincoln; The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (Jonathan Cape 1982) [Ivan Headley]
2A - Baigent, M. with R. Leigh and H. Lincoln; The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail [paperback edition]
2C - Bakunin, Michael; God and the State (1916 reprint Dover Publications 1970) intro Paul Averich
2B - Ball, W. P.; see G. W. Foote
1B - Balley, E. J.; Illustrative History: British and Old English Period (1904) [F. J. Gould]
3C - *Barclay, Tom; Memoirs and Medleys: The Autobiography of a Bottle Washer (1995) x2
3A - Barea, Arturo; The Clash (autobiographical, about Spanish Civil War, 1944)
5A - Barker, Granville; Three Plays (Sidgwick & Jackson 1899)
4C - Baudouin, and Leschinsky; The Inner Discipline
5A - Bax, Clifford; The Immortal Sea
3A - Baynton, John; Aims and Means [about communist propaganda], The Bodley Head, London, 1964 [J. Hoffman 2005]
4B - Beadnell, C. M.; Dictionary of Scientific Terms x2
3A - Beckman, Morris; The 43 Group (Centerprise 1993) [M. Beckman]
5A - Bell, Neil; All My Days (novel, Eyre & Spottiswoode 1956) [Sidney Jones]
4B - Beneden, P. J. Van; Animal Parasites
3D - Benn, A. W.; History of Ancient Philosophy (1912) [F. J. Gould]
3D - Benn, A. W.; History of Ancient Philosophy (TL 1936) x2 (or 2 vols?)
5A - Bennett, Arnold; Books and Persons (Chatto & Windus 1919)
3A - Beresford, David; Ten Men Dead: The story of the 1981 Irish hunger strike (1987 reprint Harper Collins 1994)
4C - Bergman, Louis; The Glands Regulating Personality (2nd edn 1928)
3D - Berkeley, George; Theory of Vision and other Writings (1929)
1A - Berkenhead, F.; Regicides of King Charles I
4A - Besikci, Ismail; Selected Writings: Kurdistan and Turkish Colonialism (1991)
2B - Bettenson, Henry, ed; Documents of the Christian Church (1959)
2D - Bhatty, Margaret R.; An Atheist Reports from India (American Atheist Magazine reprint 1987)
5A - Bierce, Ambrose; The Devil's Dictionary (FP1906, Dover Publications 1958)
4A - Bisch, Jordan; Across the River of Death (about Matto Grosso, Brazil)
3C - Blackham, H. J.; The Way I Think: 61st Conway memorial lecture (SPES 1985)
2D - Blake, Jonathan; For God's Sake Don't Go to Church (Arthur James 1999) x2
5A - Blackmore, R. D.; Lorna Doone (novel, Oxford UP 1971)
4C - Blanchard; see Knight
2B - Blanshard, Paul; Vatican II (1967)
2C - Blanshard, Paul; The Irish and Catholic Power
2D - Blatchford, Robert; God and my Neighbour (Clarion Press 1903) also 1906 [no cvers]
3B - Blatchford, Robert; Not Guilty: A Defence of the Bottom Dog (1906)
5A - Boccaccio, Giovanni; The Decameron; intro Alfred Wallis (Moritz and Chambers ND)
3C - Bondi, Hermann; Humanism: The Only Valid Foundation of Ethics: Conway Memorial Lecture 67 (1992)
2C - Bonner, Hypatia Bradlaugh; Penalties upon Opinion (1913, TL 1934) [two editions]
2C - Bowen, Marjorie; The Church and Social Progress
1A - Bowker, John; The Meanings of Death (Cambridge UP 1996)
3C - Bradlaugh, Charles; Humanity's Gain from Unbelief
2D - Bradlaugh, Charles; A Plea for Atheism (Watts and Co ND) 32pp
5A - Branford; Interpretations and Forcasts
5A - Brant, A. C.; The Leicestriad: or Civic Pride (poetry, A. C. Brant 1928) 36pp
4D - Bray, Charles; A Manual of Anthropology (1871) [poor condition]
4D - Brent, Peter; Charles Darwin (Hamlyn 1983) [R. Halfhide] x2
5A - Bridges, Robert; The Testament of Beauty (poem, Oxford UP 1929)
5A - Brieux; Three Plays, preface by Shaw, trans Mrs BS, St John Hankin, John Pollock (A. C. Fifield 1917) [E. H. Hassell 1919]
3B - Brockway, Fenner; Bombs in Hyde Park?; HPP5 (1984)
2D - Brompton, (Baron); see Harris, Richard
4D - Bronowski, Jacob; The Ascent of Man (1974)
2D - Brooks, David M.; The Necessity of Atheism (1933)
2D - Brophy, Brigid; The Longford Threat to Freedom (NSS 1972), 16pp (x8)
2C - Brouwer, H. J. J. de, and H. F. Melkman, In The Footsteps of St Paul to Lydney (B and M 1987)
5A - Brown, Lindsay W.; Suivez Raison and I.T. (autobiography 1933)
2C - Brown, William Montgomery; Communism and Christianism
2C - Browne, Thomas; Religio Medici (1886)
4A - Bruinessen, Martin van; Agha, Shaikh and State: The Social and Political Structures of Kurdistan (1992)
4B - Brunt, David; Weather Science for Everybody (1936)
5A - Brussof, Valery; The Republic of the Southern Cross and Other Stories; intro S. Graham (Constable 1918)
2D - Bryan, John; I Bought My First Sixpack When I Was 35 (American Atheists Press 1989)
5A - Buchanan, Robert; The Wandering Jew (poem, Chatto & Windus 1892)
5A - Buchanan, Robert; Complete Poetical Works (vol.2, Chatto & Windus 1901) [E. H. Hassel]
3C - Bullock, Alan; The Humanist Tradition in the West (Thames and Hudson 1985)
5A - Bunyan, John; The Pilgrim's Progress + The Holy War (Simpkin et al ND)
3B - Burke, Edmund; Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790 reprint Penguin 1986)
4D - Burley, Justine, ed; The Genetic Revolution and Human Rights (Oxford UP 1999)
5A - Burnand, F. C.; Records and Reminiscences (Methuen 1917)
3B - Burnham, James; The Management Revolution (Pelican 1945)
5A - Burns, Robert; The Complete Poetical Works, ed J. and A. Macpherson (John Grant et al 1902) extra poem stuck in back [J. Yates]
1A - Burruel; Memoirs of Jacobinism Part III The Antisocial Conspiracy
3C - Bury, J. B.; A History of Freedom of Thought (1932)
5A - Butler, Samuel; Life of Butler by Dr Johnson + Poems (2 VOLS, C. Whittingham 1822)
5A - Butler, Samuel; The Way of All Flesh (FP1903, A. C. Fifield 1920) [E. H. Hassell]
2B - Butler, Samuel; see also John Pickard Owen
5A - Butler, Samuel; see also G. D. H. Cole


5A - Calderon; Six Dramas; trans Fitzgerald (Chatto & Windus 1909) [E. H. Hassell]
2A - Canney, Maurice A.; an Encyclopaedia of Religions (1921)
4C - Cantlie, James; Physical Efficiency [about effect of town-dwelling on health] (1903)
5A - Capes, Bernard; Amaranthus: A Book of Little Songs (T. Fisher Unwin 1908)
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; Frederick the Great 10 VOLS (vol 5 missing?) [uniform edition]
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; The French Revolution, 3 VOLS [uniform edition]
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; The French Revolution, vol 1 only [different edition]
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; Latter Day Pamphlets
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; Miscellaneous Essays, 7 VOLS (vol 2 missing?) [uniform edition]
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches, 5 VOLS (vol 2 missing?) [uniform edition]
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; On Heroes and Hero Worship, three editions
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; Past and Present, two editions
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; Sartor Resartus, two editions
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; Sartor Resartus + Heroes and Hero-worship + Past and Present
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; Life of John Sterling [uniform edition]
1A - Carlyle, Thomas; Life of Schiller [uniform edition]
3B - Carpenter, Edward; Towards Democracy
4B - Casey, Fred; Thinking
5A - Catherall, Arthur; Pirate Sealer (novel, Children's Press 1951)
5A - Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de; The Adventures of Don Quixote, trans Charles Jarvis (Routledge 1866)
5A - Chekoff, Anton; see Tchekoff
3B - Chermayeff, Serge, and Christopher Alexander; Community and Privacy (Pelican 1966)
4A - Chaliand, Gerard, ed; A People Without a Country: The Kurds and Kurdistan (1993)
4A - Chaliand, Gerard; The Kurdish Tragedy (1994)
3A - Chamberlain, W. J.; A C.O. in Prison [pamphlet - about conscientious objector]
3C - Chance, Janet; Cost of English Morals (1931)
3A - Charpentier, Armand; The Dreyfus Case (Geoffrey Bles 1935)
2E - *Chatterton, Derek; Reflections on Religion (1998) x3
4D - Childe, V. Gordon; Progress and Archaeology
3A - Chippindale, Peter, and Ed Harrison; Juntas United! (Quartet Books 1978)
4A - Chisiza, D. K.; see Luthuli, Albert
4C - Chiuia, Mihnea; see Jukes
3B - Chomsky, Noam; Media Control (Open Media, 2nd edn 2002)
5A - Christensen, Arthur; see Omar i Khaiyam (sic)
5A - Christie, Agatha; The Body in the Library (1942, reprint Fontana 1973)
5A - Churchill, Charles; The Poetical Works: memoir by J. Hannay (2nd edn, 2 VOLS, Bell & Daldy 1866)
2C - Churchill, R. C.; Art and Christianity (pamphlet)
1B - Churchill, Winston S.; Great Contemporaries (1937, Reprint Society 1941)
5A - Coats, R. H.; John Galsworthy as a Dramatic Artist (Duckworth 1926) [uncut]
1C - Cobb, Ron; Cobb Again: Cartoons (1976)
1B - Cobbett, William; Cobbett's England: A selection from the writings, ed John Derry (Parkgate Books 1997)
2C - Cohen, Chapman; Women and Christianity (pamphlet)
2C - Cohen, Chapman; Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch to Live (PftP 13, no date) 16pp
2C - Cohen, Chapman; Christianity, Slavery and Labour (1931)
2D - Cohen, Chapman; God and the Universe: Eddington, Jeans, Huxley, Einstein
2D - Cohen, Chapman; God and the Universe (Pioneer Press, 3rd edn 1946) [unbound]
2D - Cohen, Chapman; Giving 'Em Hell (Pamphlets for the People 9, no date) 16pp x8
2D - Cohen, Chapman; God and Me: A Series of Letters (1935, reprint 1946) 96pp x2
2D - Cohen, Chapman; Letters to the Lord (1935)
2D - Cohen, Chapman; Letters to a Country Vicar
2D - Cohen, Chapman; The Poor Parson (Pioneer Press ND) 8pp
3B - Cohen, Chapman; Thomas Paine: Pioneer of Two Worlds (NSS, no date)
3C - Cohen, Chapman; Almost an Autobiography x3?
3C - Cohen, Chapman; Essays in Freethinking (1938) x2
3C - Cohen, Chapman; A Grammar of Free Thought
2B - Cohen, Chapman; Are Christians Inferior to Freethinkers? (NSS no date) 4pp (x3)
3D - Cohen, Chapman; Materialism Re-Stated
3D - Cohen, Chapman; Materialism Restated, 3rd edn (Pioneer Press, 1943)
5A - Cole, G. D. H.; Samuel Butler and The Way of All Flesh (Home & Van Thal 1947) [Sidney Jones]
5A - Coleridge, Samuel Taylor; The Dramatic Works, ed Derwent Coleridge (Edward Moxon 1852, rebound 1906)
5A - Coleridge, Samuel Taylor; Biographia Literaria (FP1817, Bell & Daldy ND)
5A - Collingwood, R. G.; An Autobiography (1938, reprint Pelican 1945?)
3C - Comfort, Alex; Science, Religion and Scientism; Conway Memorial Lecture 66 (1990);
2A - Coneybeare, F. C.; Myth, Magic and Morals (1910)
3B - Connell, J. M.; Thomas Paine (Longmans Green and Co 1939)
1C - Constantini, Flavio; The Art of Anarchy (Cienfiegos 1975, reprint Black Flag 1986) 60pp
3B - Conway, Moncure D.; Life of Thomas Paine, (Watts & Co 1909) x2
2E - Cook, John; U3A: Talk to Secular Society (2003) 13pp one-sided
2B - Cooke, Grace (White Eagle); Jesus: Teacher and Healer (1990)
4B - Cooke, M. C.; Fungi: Their Nature, Influences and Uses (1875)
3B - Coote, Anna, and Tess Gill; Women's Rights (Penguin 1974, 2nd edn 1977) x2
4D - Corfield, Richard; Architects of Eternity: The New Science of Fossils (Headline 2002)
2D - Coriat; see McComb
3A - Cornish, Kimberley; The Jew of Linz: Wittgenstein, Hitler and their secret battle for the mind (Century 1998)
4C - Cory, Donald Webster; The Homosexual Outlook (Peter Nevill 1953)
2A - Coulange, Louis; The Life of the Devil
2B - Courtney, W. L.; The Literary Man's Bible
1A - Coventry, William; Character of a Trimmer
2D - Cowdell, Scott; Atheist Priest? Don Cupitt and Christianity (SCM Press 1988) x2
2A - Cozens, M. L.; A Handbook of Heresies
3B - Cramer, C. H.; Royal Bob: the Life of Robert G. Ingersoll (1952)
5A - Crawford, F. Marion; The Children of the King (2nd ed reprint, 1895)
4D - Crawley, Ernest; Oath Curse and Blessing x2
4B - Crombie, A. C.; Augustine to Galileo: Science ... vol.2 (Mercury Books 1961)
2B - Cruden, Alexander; Cruden's Concordance to the Old and New Testament Scriptures (no date)
2B - Cutner, H.; What is the Sabbath day? (Pioneer Press ND) 68pp x2
1A - Cutner, H.; A Short History of Sex Worship
3C - Cutner, H.; Robert Taylor: The Devil's Chaplain (Pioneer Press ND) 72pp


5A - Dante Alighieri; The Divine Comedy; intro. H. Morley, trans H. W. Longfellow (Routledge 1885) [F. J. Gould 1904]
4D - Darwin, Charles; The Descent of Man - Part 1
4D - Darwin, Charles; On The Origin of Species; (6th edn 1891); (1901 edn); (Pelican 1974, ed J. W. Burrow); and another edition
4D - Davies, John Langdon; Man and His Universe
4C - Davies, John Langdon; A Short History of Women
3A - Davies, Joseph E.; Mission to Moscow (Book One)
5A - Davies, Rhys; The Perishable Quality (novel, Heinemann 1957) [Sidney Jones]
4B - Davis, A. H.; Noise (1937)
4D - Davison, Dorothy; Men of the Dawn (TL 1934)
4D - Dawkins, Richard; The Blind Watchmaker (Penguin 1988)
4D - Dawkins, Richard; Viruses of the Mind (1992)
4D - Dawkins, Richard; Unweaving the Rainbow (1998)
5A - Defoe, Daniel; Captain Singleton, ed H. H. Sparling (W. Scott 1887) [E. H. Hassell]
2B - Delafosse, Henri, with Joseph Turmel and Charles Bradlaugh; The Second Epistle to the Corinthians *
3D - Descartes, René; Discourse on Method + Meditations, tr F. E. Sutcliffe (1968)
4D - Desmond, Adrian; Huxley: The Devil's Disciple (Michael Joseph 1994) x2
2C - Diamond, Sara; Spiritual Warfare: The Politics of the Christian Right (South End Press 1989) x2
5E - Dickens, Charles; Barnaby Rudge (Chapman & Hall, memorial edn, ND) [S. A. Gimson 1899]
5E - Dickens, Charles; Bleak House (Chapman & Hall, memorial edn, ND) [S. A. Gimson 1899]
5E - Dickens, Charles; Christmas Stories and others (Chapman & Hall, memorial edn, ND) [S. A. Gimson 1899]
5E - Dickens, Charles; David Copperfield (Chapman & Hall, memorial edn, ND) [S. A. Gimson 1899]
5E - Dickens, Charles; Dombey and Son (Chapman & Hall, memorial edn, ND) [S. A. Gimson 1899]
5E - Dickens, Charles; Great Expectations (Chapman & Hall, memorial edn, ND) [S. A. Gimson 1899]
5E - Dickens, Charles; Martin Chuzzlewit (Chapman & Hall, memorial edn, ND) [S. A. Gimson 1899]
5E - Dickens, Charles; Our Mutual Friend (Chapman & Hall, memorial edn, ND) [S. A. Gimson 1899]
5E - Dickens, Charles; Sketches by Boz (Chapman & Hall, memorial edn, ND) [S. A. Gimson 1899]
5A - Dickens, Charles; Dombey and Son (W. Scott 1889) [Miss Massé 1902]
5A - Dickens, Charles; Nicholas Nickleby (W. Scott 1889) [Miss Massé 1902]
5A - Dickens, Charles; Old Curiosity Shop (W. Scott 1889) [Miss Massé 1902]
5A - Dickens, Charles; Oliver Twist (W. Scott 1889) [Miss Massé 1902]
5A - Dickens, Charles; Sketches by Boz (W. Scott 1889) [Miss Massé 1902]
4A - Douglas, R. K.; Society in China
2B - Driver, S. R.; The Book of Job
2B - Driver, S. R.; Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament (1892) [F. J. Gould]
4D - Drummond, Henry; The Ascent of Man
2B - Duff, Archibald; Hints on Old Testament Theology
5A - Duff, Charles; This Human Nature
2A - Dunham, Barrows; Man Against Myth
3C - Dunnett, Andrew; Euthanasia (interviews, Hodder and Stoughton 1999)
4C - Dunning, A. J.; Extremes: Reflections on Human Behaviour (1992)


2B - Eagle, White; see Grace Cooke
2A - Eddy, Mary Baker; Science and Health: With Key to the Scriptures
4C - Edge, Patricia; Some Parents' Questions Answered
3B - Edwards, Bob; Hunger Marches and Hyde Park, HPP3 (1983)
3B - Edwards, Chilperic; The World's Earliest Laws x2
5A - Edwards, J. Passmore; A Few Footprints (autobiographical, Watts & Co 1906)
4B - Einstein, Albert; The World As I See It
5A - Eliot, George; Middlemarch vol.2 (Blackwood 1901)
3A - Eliot, George; see also Hughes, Kathryn (biography)
4C - Ellis, Havelock; Morals, Manners and Men
5A - Ellis, Tristram J.; Sketching from Nature (Macmillan 1897) [Miss Massé] - (move?)
5A - Emerson, Ralph Waldo; A Candidate for the Truth, ed G. Bullett (esays, Watts & Co 1938)
5A - Emerson, Ralph Waldo; Emerson's Complete Works, 3 vols (3rd vol is "English Traits")
1B - Emsley, Clive; Britain and the French Revolution (Longman 2000)
3B - Engels, Frederick; The Origin of the Family
3D - Engels, Friedrich; Dialectics of Nature
3D - Engels, Friedrich; Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy (1888, reprint Progress Publishers Moscow 1973)
3B - Engels, Friedrich; see also Marx
4A - Evans, Edward; South with Scott
5A - Euripides; Plays 2 VOLS (J. M. Dent 1906) [E. H. Hassell]
5A - Euripides; The Plays (vol.2, J. M. Dent ND)
5A - Euripides; Iphigenia: Two Plays (Watts & Co 1930) [H. E. Anderson 1988]


3A - Fagan, H.; The Commoners of England, Part I, Lawrence and Wishart, London, 1958 [J. Hoffman 2005]
5A - Fairless, Michael; The Gathering of Brother Hilarius (novel, John Murray 1913)
1C - Farley, C., and D. Hodgson; The Life of Bertrand Russell, pictorial (1972)
5A - Farrar, F. W.; St Winifred's: The World of School (novel, Ward Lock, ND)
2A - Fischer, Louis; The Life of Mahatma Gandhi (1950, reprint Harper and Row 1983) [R. Halfhide] x2
3C - Fletcher, Ronald; A Definition of Humanism (RPA ND) 16pp
3D - Flugel, J. C.; Man Morals and Society (1945, Pelican 1955)
3A - Foner, Philip S.; The Case of Joe Hill (FP 1965), International Publishers, New York, 1975 [J. Hoffman 2005]
5A - Foote, G. W.; Shakespeare and Other Literary Essays (Pioneer Press 1929) [Sidney Jones]
2B - Foote, G. W., and W. P. Ball; The Bible Handbook, 11th edition (TL, Pioneer Press 1961) x3 and another edition?
2C - Foote, G. W., and J. M. Wheeler; Frauds, Forgeries and Relics (London Secular group 1965) 36pp x5
2C - Foote, G. W., and J. M. Wheeler; The Inquisition (Crimes of Christianity #5, London Secular Group n.d) 44pp
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