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Religion in Education

Two members of Leicester Secular Society are Humanist observers on their respective Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education (SACREs). These bodies oversee the RE curriculum for most state schools.


Leicester SACRE
Leicestershire SACRE


The Christian Church has over 300 different branches and some 20,000 different denominations and sects. Some of these sects are of course claimed, by other sects, not to be Christians at all! The essential requirement would seem to be some basis of belief in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and counting him as the "Christ" or "Annointed One" or "Messiah", however this is interpreted.

General links about christianity

Mormons and DNA: William Lobdell
Pentecostal Churches
Cathars: Albigensian Crusade
The Christianity Meme
Brethren Groups
Ian Paisley Organisation
Latter Day Saints (Mormons)
The Shroud of Turin
Mormons — William Shunn
Society of Friends (Quakers)
Christianity and Homosexuality
Women Priests in Catholic Church

Links to Commentaries on the Bible

The Christian Bible exists in numerous different editions, and is a compilation of many smaller books, translated from the original Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. The component books include history, propaganda, poetry, law, prophecy, morality, and fiction, and were written over hundreds of years, from Y-600 to Y200. Although described as "the word of God" these books were of course written by human beings. The version of the bible used by Catholic and Orthodox Churches include extra books, known as the Apocrypha. Among the early Christian writings there are other gospels (e.g. Thomas' Gospel) which often disagree with each other and with the four that made it to the accepted New Testament after the Council of Nicea in 382 and the Council of Trent in 1545-47.

Biblical Cosmology
Nasty Jesus and Stupid Advice
Bible, Sceptical Views
Skeptics Annotated Bible
Whose bible is in anyway? - Ask an atheist!
Clarifying Christianity
Historical Evidence
Wayne Adkins - bible student to atheist
The Brick Testament - illustrated annotated bible
Bible Proof


Mohammed and History of Islam

The Quest of the Historical Muhammad by Arthur Jeffrey
External References to Islam
Cosmology and the Koran by Richard Carrier
Myth of Mohammed
Who Was the Prophet Muhammad? by Daniel Pipes

Islam in Current Affairs

Answering Islam
Fadela Amara - Islam and Women in France
Islam for Infidels - Hugh Fitzgerald
Islam for the perplexed
Muslim Brotherhood activist
Alevism - Islamic humanism?
Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
Call for Jihad
Islamic Anti-Jewish Propaganda
Bin Laden on Freethinkers and Heretics
Islam in Space
Theo Van Gogh - film "Submission"
Apostates of Islam
Muslims for Secular Democracy
Islam Undermining the UN
Stem Cell Research in Iran!
Derafsh Kaviyani - on Islam
Holding it Together - peaceful coexistence in Leicester
Articles on the Muslim Brotherhood
Islam and Science
Islamic Monitor
Islam and Freedom
Hizb ut-Tahrir (Islamist organisation)
IHEU Report on the Younis Shaikh blasphemy case.
PDF Poll of 1000 British Muslims
Islam Online
Islam and Jews
Islam and wife-beating
Martin Bright - The Koran Con
Types of Veil - hijab etc
Militant Islam
Militant Islam Monitor
Militant Islam
The Ents of Europe about Turkey in Europe by Victor Davis Hanson
Muslim dissenters
Against Sharia Law (in Canada)
The Left and the Jihad - Fred Halliday
Prophet Mohammed site - satire
Prophet of Doom (Islam's terrorist doctrine)
Jihad against Muslims
The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam
Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
the-brights.net/forums: Islam - What is it?
Can the West defeat the Islamist Threat? - David Selbourne
Islamic headgear is not essential by Amir Taheri

The Mohammed cartoons issue

Danish cartoons
Danish cartoons
Nazi Antisemitic cartoons for comparison
Islamist Antisemitic cartoons
Islamist Antisemitic cartoons

Other Religions

Kabbalah - Observer interview
Satanism — Anton LaVey
World Union of Deists
Hindu Mysticism
Buddhism and the Brain
Fixed Earthers
Derby Multifaith Centre
Paganism — Pagan Federation (UK)
Zen — by Fritjof Capra
Universal Spirituality
Hindu Council — Vishva Hindu Parishad

Skeptical Comment and Information

Platitude of the Day
Which religion?
Why God Won't Heal Amputees
Cult Information Organisation
God is imaginary - 50 proofs
Godchecker - Guide to All the Gods
Creation myths from around the world
See also our Thought For The Day page.

Some blasphemy law cases

Asian Human Rights Commission - Anwar Kenneth
Washington Post - Shaikh case
ABC Religion Report - Houellebecq case
Guardian Archive - Houellebecq case
Punjabilok - letter to Musharaf by S. Gill
Pakistanlink - Repeal the Blasphemy Law
Manila Times - about a Pakistan Muslim prosecuted for Blasphemy against Jesus
GAMJI (Nigeria) - /NEWS1870.htm is about the Nigerian Miss World Riots 2002


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