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A number of videos originally included in this list were removed from youtube and google for copyright reasons. Some have now reappeared, but others have vanished.

Long Videos, or Extracts

Julian Baggini: Secular Believers
Secular Believers
This gives links to the film split into six parts. See Part 2 for Leicester Secular Society participation.

Jonathan Miller on Atheism: A Brief History of Disbelief:
Shadows of Doubt
Noughts and Crosses
The Final Hour

Richard Dawkins
Militant Atheism

Brian Greene
The Elegant Universe

Short Videos

Secular Views

The Atheist Delusion

Steven Pinker on Being Good Without God

Sam Harris - Religion and Human Conflict

Proving Prayer is Superstition

God-mothers intelligent design

Humour and Satire:

The Delusion of Christianity

Bill Hicks on creationism

Rowan Atkinson - Amazing Jesus

Rowan Atkinson - Welcome to Hell

Ricky Gervais - Origin of Life

Dave Allen - Genesis

Dave Alen - Funeral Sketch

Dave Allen - Religion

Hey hey we're the Humans!

Colbert on Wikiality

Nick Gisburne Videos

Chadagg Videos

Greydon Square: atheist rap

Creationism and Evolution:

We're All Monkeys

Evolution Schmevolution

Creation Science

BBC Horizon - A War on Science about the Dover ID trial.

David Attenborough on God

Robin Greer of Answers in Genesis, interview by Michael Reid


The Inner Life of a Cell

Murray Gell-Mann - Beauty and Truth in Physics


The Power of Faith - How Islam Deals with Atheist - by Zakir Naik

Muslims Teaching Violence

Bush on Torture

Thomas Paine the original secular progressive

Wafa Sultan speaks up

Mark Thomas in Parliament Square

Film Related, but not Video:

Life of Brian Script etc. (Not a Video)