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Leicester Secular Society


This page will be devoted to information relating to our plans to improve the Society's activities and facilities, and to raise money to carry out improvements.

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A Special Members Evening was held on Sunday, 12th September 2004 which included a tour of the Hall and a discussion about plans to develop the building (including disabled access). Statements about the Role and Purpose of Leicester Secular Society in the 21st century, and improvements to our activities and facilties, were laid out on tables in the Library for members to add their comments, which proved to be quite extensive. Here are photos of members examining the grand ballroom upstairs.

photo by G.P.Jelliss, copyright 2004 photo by G.P.Jelliss, copyright 2004

The following document was the basis for the display. To read it you will need to have Microsoft Word installed on your computer.

Download: 'Developing a Vision' Document

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