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Leicester Secular Society


The Leicester Secular Society Newsletter, appears irregularly (so far once a year on average). It is an A5 photocopied magazine with 32 pages per issue. We give here cover illustrations, contents lists and links to pages where articles are reproduced or related information can be found. The Newsletter is free to members and 50p to non-members (plus extra if ordered by post).
Issue 1 (Summer 2000)

1. Title page: Drawing of the Secular Hall.
2. Editorial. / Contents.
3-10. Is Rationalism a Humanism? by Sebastian Hayes.
11-13. Bookshelf: On the Witch-Craze: Godless Morality by Richard Holloway; Book of Shadows by Phyllis Curott; Europe: a History by Norman Davies.
14. Word Play.
15-18. Reminiscences from the Secular Hall.
19-20. Temples of Reason by Wilfred Gaunt.
21-26. From the News:
21. Freethought and Academic Freedom.
22. Creationism. This note was derived in part from correspondence in the magazine New Scientist. There are also many references to organisations and writers on creationism at: American Humanist Association
23-24. SACRE Blur: Religion in Schools
25-26. Astrology: Astromancy or Astropsychology?
27. Various Verse.
28. Metrication. / Professor Cranium.
29-30. Twilight of the Gods by George Jelliss.
31. Publications, Organisations, Contacts. / Word Play Answers.
32. Leicester Secular Society.

Issue 2 (Autumn/Winter 2000/2001)

1. Title page: Photo of Peter Miller (President of the Society 1980-87).
2. Editorial and Contents
3-8. Against Reason by B. A. (Woody) Wood
9-13. Bookshelf: Liberty or Death (by Ray Hemmings),
Hymns of Modern Thought (in the LSS Library),
Seasons of Life (anthology by Nigel Collins)
14. Word Play.
Professor Cranium.
15-18. Memorandum of Peter Miller
19-22. The Philosophy of Tom Paine by Thomas A. Edison The text of this essay is online at the Thomas Paine Archive.
23-25. Meeting Reports
26. Leicester Victorian Society
27-29. We Need to be Sceptical of Science by Natasha Walter This article first appeared in the Independent newspaper.
30. Quote Unquote.
31. Contacts. Answer to Word Play
32. Leicester Secular Society.

Issue 3 (Spring 2001)

1. Title page: Collage of William Morris and Simon Carter
2. Editorial and Contents
3-4. Irrationalism in Religion by Levi Fragell
5-8. Irrationalism in Science after Simon Altman The full text of these articles on Irrationalism in Religion and Science can be found on the pages of the International Humanist and Ethical Union at:
9-10. For Reason by Chris Williams
11. God's Will: Easy to Understand? by Mark Graham
12. Loughborough Stone Circle Controversy by Mark Graham This article was found at the website of the Pagan Federation: click on the East Midlands Branch.
13. Word Play, Professor Cranium
14. Regional Humanists' Meeting
15-18. Further Reminiscences from Secular Hall
19-22. Meeting Reports:
19-20. Mondragon is it a Cooperative Utopia? This talk was by LSS member Mark Mizzen. There is much about the Mondragon cooperatives on the internet. The article was based mainly on US commentator Tim Huet.
21. Labour Against the Label; Rebuilding South Africa. Denis Goldberg, who spent 22 years in prison, alongside Nelson Mandela, spoke about his campaign to send books for children to South Africa: "A Book and 10p".
22. Alternatives to Animal Experiments in Education.
23-24. Disability: The Last Civil Rights. This talk was by LSS member Tony Barron. For more detailed information go to:
Steven Jenny-Jacklin.
25. How and Why I Made the Turin Shroud. This talk by LSS President Mr Lyn Hurst expounded the theory that the shroud was made by Leonardo da Vinci using a primitive photographic method. The study of the shroud has become an industry in itself termed 'sindonology'; it even has its own website:!
26-29. Art and Socialism by William Morris. On 4th March 2001 William Morris, in the person of Simon Carter, returned to the Secular Hall to deliver once again his famous lecture of 1884 (not 1880 as stated in our programme and in the Newsletter). The newsletter contains a much shortened version; the full text can be found at:
30-31. Government Policy on Church Schools. For text of the paper see: search for "building on success".
31. An Internet Site for Leicester Secular Society.
32. Leicester Secular Society; Wording of Membership Application Form.

Issue 4 (Summer 2003)

1. Title page: Leicester Secular Society Presidents past and present: Fred Lee (left) and Lyn Hurst (right) with a guest speaker.
2. Editorial and Contents
3-5. Against Religiosity in Politics by Ross Longhurst
6-7. Tom Paine and his Contemporaries by Wilf Gaunt
8. Various Verse: Citizen Tom Paine by Michael Green
9-10. "The peril of Humanism" by Chris Parkin
11. The World Humanist declaration - a critique
12. The Hindu Caste System
13-14. Some Meeting Reports
15-18. Further Reminiscences from Secular Hall
19-20. The 'Meeting God' Exhibition and Museum Policy
20. Professor Cranium cartoons
21-22. Forgiveness, Ethics and Secular Humanism by Chris Williams
23-24. Moral High Grounds by Wilf Gaunt
25-26. Creation Science - Myth or Reality? by Peter Thompson
23-31. The Evolution of Reason by George Jelliss
32. Quotes. New Faith Schools Proposed for Leicester

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