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Leicester Secular Society

(January–March & September–December)

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Free Lecture Series

PHONE 0116 262 2250
All welcome — refreshments available

(except where stated otherwise)

(Sunday afternoon events small charge Members free)


January to March 2002

Sunday 20th January 2002: — Avtar Sadiq“Secularism and India” — Avtar is National President of the Indian Workers' Association of Great Britain.

Sunday 27th January 2002: — Dave Ray“Swinging in the Sixies with FoMoCo” — The life of an apprentice at the Ford Motor Company, Dagenham in the 1960s.
(The talk by Alice Nutter, previously publicised for this date, is postponed.)

Sunday 3rd February 2002: — Ron Holme“Forced Labour as a German Prisoner of War in World War Two” — These are Ron's personal experiences. Captured in France early in the war, he was sent to work in salt mines.

Sunday 10th February 2002: — Tony Benn“Thomas Paine Today”
This talk is designated the Eric Paine Memorial Lecture of the Tom Paine Society, and the Leicester Secular Society Anniversary Lecture 2002.
Please note: this meeting starts at 2.30!

Sunday 17th February 2002: — ‘Sounds Write’“Women's Poetry” — ‘Sounds Write’ present their own material. Critical, descriptive, controversial, entertaining. Come to hear orignal work.

Sunday 24th February 2002: — Lyn Hurst & Sid Sherriff“The International Brigade Memorial Trust” — Lyn and Sid went to Madrid for the Spanish celebration of the International Brigade, who fought against Franco's fascists in the 1930s.

Sunday 3rd March 2002: — Colombia Peace Association“The Situation in Colombia for the People” — There will be a video film shown and a short talk. Is the situation in Colombia the dangerous drug-ridden hell hole of popular belief — or something else? Why do the indigenous peoples live in fear?

Sunday 10th March 2002: — Sam Azad“The Politics of Islam” — Sam has a detailed personal knowledge and wide reading on this subject.

Sunday 17th March 2002: — Concert: ORAN (Pamela Loweth, Soprano and Jane Ford, Piano/Clarsach) — Oran has a wide repertoire, including Classical, Celtic and Stage Songs. With Greenshoots Youth.
Note this concert begins at 3:00 pm. In the evening at 6:30pm there is a talk:
Sunday 17th March 2002: — Tony Abbey“The Most Powerful Explosions in the Universe” — Astronomer Tony Abbey explains Gamma Ray Bursts.

Sunday 24th March 2002: — Leicester Secular Society Annual General Meeting
For members and intending members.

Sunday 31st March 2002: — Caroline Moles“Star Wars” — Caroline leads a discussion. What is the purpose of the US ‘Star Wars’ antimissile system? Who benefits? Could it work? Come and focus on the facts and discuss the issues surrounding this mega (mad?) topic.


September to December 2002

Sunday 29th September 2002: — The War In and On Iraq A discussion led by Caroline Moles
Caroline is Secretary of Leicester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Come to discuss the awful truth of what is happening right now.

Sunday 6th October 2002: — Intergalactic Star Bursts by Tony Abbey
One of the most brilliant astronomers – and he makes satellites as well. Gamma Ray Bursts are the most powerful explosions in the universe. Come hear about these phenomena. (This talk was postponed from 17th March last.)

Sunday 13th October 2002: — Biotechnology and the Community by Mehdi Barghchi
Mehdi is a scientist (at de Montfort University) who has looked very closely at the tinkering with crops and creatures that human beings go in for. He looks at the evidence.

Sunday 20th October: — Guatemala Past and Future by Helen Pearson
Helen has years of experience working with Central American countries: first Nicaragua, and now Guatemala. She knows the area intimately, and can tell us what goes on in this important area, which resurfaces on the media screens only when a natural disaster carries away a town or village.

Sunday 27th October: — Genetics and Radioactivity by Mark Plumb
Mark is a scientist who has been researching this topic for a decade and working on cancer for three. He should be able to tell us just how bad radiation could be for your health.

Sunday 3rd November: — Local Action to Stop Climate Change by Paul Fleming
Paul is professor of environment management at de Montfort University. He is no abstract theorist, he has set up hot water and electricity generation systems at young peoples' camps. For more information see the website

Sunday 10th November: — Leicester Secular Society Annual General Meeting
This is for members, or intending members of the Society (joining before the meeting starts). Motions and topics for discussion should be submitted to the Committee at least two weeks before this date. Wine and cheese will be provided.

Sunday 17th November: — Mutinies in the British Armed Forces by Lyn Hurst
Mr Lyn Hurst is President of Leicester Secular Society. There have been more of these mutinies than most of us know about: we will find out more from Lyn's enquiries.

Sunday 24th November: — Costing Safety into Work by Paul Henderson
Just how much is a worker's life worth to the boss?

Sunday 1st December: — A Dissident Israeli Speaks by Uri Davis
Important Note: This meeting will now start at 11.30 AM!
Uri is much in demand internationally as a speaker. He views Israel with a detached rationality. He has a considerable grasp of the facts of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and understanding of the various viewpoints from which participants in the continual warring in that area are coming from.

Sunday 8th December: — The Poetry of Freethought by Michael Hughes
Michael was to give this reading last year, but the wonderful instrument of his voice was silenced by bronchitis. Look forward to this scientist, environmentalist, expert in knots, but more importantly, former professional actor, bringing us radical poetry.

Tuesday 31st December 2002: — Members and Friends Party
With some country-dance music from members of the Greenshoots Ceilidh Orchestra. More details nearer the time.

Michael Gerard – Meetings Secretary
0116 210 9027

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