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The links on this page are to sites run by individuals. The sites are generally pro-secular, though some may be found to be soft on religion, while others are rabidly anti-religious, and some are serious-minded while others are satirical - or just maintained by people with a secular outlook.

Links on this page to external websites open in a new window or tab.

There is a separate page for organisations.

Members' websites

Automatic Lover - sci-fi novella by our member Ariadne Tampion
* NEW * Councillor Colin Hall - Lord Mayor of Leicester 2010-11. Also on Twitter.
Independent Humanists - Roy Saich
Red Ribbon Ceremonies - Non religious funerals and other ceremonies by Eleanor Davidson


Secularist websites

Atheism the Choice of Logic
F. Edwords - on Types of Humanism
Debate Unlimited - Martin Willett (formerly Meme Machine)
J. R. Howell - why I am not religious
New Jersey - Joe Zamecki
Arthur Chappell - former Manchester Humanist
Atheist resource - Adam Tjaavk
Atheist Supanet
Stephen Carr
Campaign for Secular Education
Enlightened Despot: Evil Atheist Conspiracy
David Pollock
Freethinker-online Magazine
English Atheist - Martin J. Burn - addictive
Dayna - ??
Positive Atheism Magazine - Cliff Walker (Portland Oregon)
Sapere - Philosophical Education
Secular Sites - Sue Lord: many pages and links
Politics, Atheism, Culture and Gender - A. Shaw
Strong Atheism - Dawson Bethrick
Secular Humanism Workshop - Sue Lord



Secular Blasphemy
Freethought Guy
Freethought Weekly - "Delta", California, USA.
Ian Pollard
Let's be Sensible - Tom Hamilton
The Rationalist Manifesto - Tal Rotbart, Jerusalem, Israel.
Rationalist ruminations - Steve G, Michigan, USA.
Pseudo-Secularism - India.
Science Blogs
Stupidity-Free Zone - Stephen J. Denton
Maryam Namazie (Secularist of the year, 2005) - blog
Maryam Namazie's website - blog


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