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A Breakthrough in Leicester

In spite of the Radio 4 ban on atheistic viewpoints (more below), some local BBC radio stations have a more enlightened policy for their own Thought for the Day talks. Here in Leicester our member Eleanor Davidson (who is also a member of the BHA and an accredited Humanist celebrant) has been invited to record a series of non-religious broadcasts for Ben Jackson's show on BBC Radio Leicester. For the first few editions Eleanor was incorrectly introduced as 'a local writer', but was properly acknowledged as a 'Humanist Celebrant' on 5 February 2010.

Forthcoming broadcasts

Listen to Radio Leicester live online here listen live - BBC iPlayer or on 104.9FM (in the Leicester area) or DAB.

21 Oct 2010
Topic tba.
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Previous broadcasts - listen or download podcasts below

29 Sep 2010
listen (mp3, 570kb) The 'F' Word.
You can also listen on BBC iPlayer for one week after the broadcast. Eleanor begins about 0:40:50 on the timeline. This is only available until early next Wednesday morning.
1 Jun 2010
listen (mp3, 570kb) Families. Should we stigmatise those that don't fit the stereotype?
21 May 2010
listen (mp3, 570kb) Art. Make a masterpiece.
20 April 2010
listen (mp3, 605kb) Gardening. A self-taught nature lover in Leicester.
5 February 2010
listen (mp3, 492kb) Don't divide us. A call for community unity - don't ostracise members of your group who can no longer share your ancestors' traditions and beliefs, but listen to them and try to understand.
6 January 2010
listen (mp3, 639kb) Local heroes. On the lives of Doris and Don Connolly, who did so much for their New Parks community.
24 November 2009
listen (mp3, 644kb) Evolution. Inspired by the 150th anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species.
Eleanor's quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson (below) was cut:
"A taste for nature in fact seems to arise of its own accord at a certain point in the maturing of civilization. It seems to come whenever men have grown sufficiently knowledgeable and secure to free themselves from ancient fears."
"What a lovely Thought for the Day" - Ben Jackson.
27 October 2009
listen (mp3, 591kb) A Humanist. On the life of Ludovic Kennedy, who died recently.


BBC Radio 4

The British Humanist Association and National Secular Society have long campaigned for an end to the religious monopoly in the Thought for the Day slots broadcast during BBC Radio 4's flagship Today programme. One of the main objections to the current format is that contributors frequently attack secularists and atheists who have no opportunity put their point of view or correct the slurs that are made. It is indeed highly likely that, should an exponent of secular philosophy be allowed from time to time, this ill-founded promotion of atheophobia would stop.

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